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NimbleCommerce Launches Viral User Acquisition Service With ViralNinjas

May 17, 2012

Leading Social Broadcasting Experts to Fuel Viral Campaigns for NimbleCommerce Customers

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - NimbleCommerce, a leading enterprise local marketing and e-commerce platform, announced that it now provides ViralNinjas' viral campaign service to select participants in its publisher network. The partnership brings ViralNinjas' social broadcasting capabilities to NimbleCommerce's global network of local and national online publishers and thousands of radio stations. Now, NimbleCommerce customers can easily create and manage viral campaigns that enable end-users to share and promote products to their friends and contacts through social networks or email.

"Viral word of mouth is one of the most cost-effective and trusted marketing channels," said Prashant Nedungadi, founder and CEO of NimbleCommerce. "We are excited to add ViralNinjas to our stellar and growing line-up of partners contributing to our full-service marketing and e-commerce platform. Through our partnership with ViralNinjas, our customers will be able to leverage the powerful combination of offers and social connections to fuel their marketing efforts and deal platforms."

Currently, the ViralNinjas Viral User Acquisition (VUA) platform is powering social broadcasting for sites such as, connecting tens of thousands of users seeking advice from friends or other like-minded consumers about products and services. Through the agreement with NimbleCommerce, ViralNinjas will broaden its reach by providing social broadcasting across NimbleCommerce's vast network of publishers that cater to millions of online readers and radio listeners. NimbleCommerce customers will benefit from being able to quickly and easily add social distribution technology and services from ViralNinjas to augment their deal programs, and a way for consumers to make product recommendations or rate services to help drive consumption for merchants.

"Ninety-one percent of consumers regularly or occasionally seek advice about products and services before making a purchase, and 65% of consumers rate their friends as the most trusted source of product recommendations," said Sebastien Brault, co-founder and CEO of ViralNinjas. "NimbleCommerce is a key partner in raising the visibility and global distribution of our VUA platform, so consumers can obtain trusted recommendations, merchants can accelerate the uptake of their offers, and publishers can enhance the power of their e-commerce and marketing platforms."

The partnership builds on significant momentum for NimbleCommerce, which has grown rapidly over the last year, with revenue increasing eight-fold. NimbleCommerce powers daily deals for over 100 publishers and over 1000 media properties including Digital First Media, Cumulus Communications, GolfNow, YellowPages Canada,, Hearst Media and many more.

About NimbleCommerce
NimbleCommerce is the largest enterprise local commerce and marketing platform that connects media companies to local merchants and buyers. The company enables audience owners and large publishers to create new revenue streams through daily deals, vouchers and other transactional coupons. Its services include secure e-commerce platform with group buying dynamics, powerful coupon redemption system for merchants, merchandising and promotion system, syndication platform, mobile support, email campaign management, and robust analytics and reporting.